Sunday, 7 July 2013


and here is another entry!
Cosfest, overall, was not really fun, but it drains my energy out. However all the time i spent with my friends are worth it!! <3 i miss you guys so much!!

I was actually supposed to cos Alibaba with my team mates but i didn't managed to finish my costume in time due to my incompetence, and i was feeling really apologetic. :( 
Because of me we didn't get to cos the trio, which we were looking forward to so much. :(
In the end they had a change of plans! >< 

Anyway, to skip to the point, the happiest moment i had during cosfest was when i bought my Magi keychains and badges, and the Shizuiza postcard i got from Junko!! >/////< 

The day that i was supposed to cosplay with my teammates..but i couldn't make it ;_;
So i ended up as their "personal helper/manager" LOL!

Look at these cuties!! 

I went to cosfest straight after my morning lesson in school..I think day 1 is pretty much "fun" in a way i guess. Haha. i wanted to socialize with cosplayers ( esp magi cosers! ) but i had a pretty hard time starting a conversation with them as i was not cosplaying 8( * no one wanted to talk to a hobo LOL *
But somehow i managed to exchange all my coscards away ..and i was shocked to find that all my coscards were gone by the end of the day LOL

Loots on day 1!!

Heh Heh ... ////// 

Really a big thanks to Junko for getting me Shizuiza postcard from China!! ////
I was really happy!!!!!!
You have no idea how much i love DRRR okay!!!!! ( Well to be more specific, Shizuiza ) LOL

The Coscards i exchanged with other cosplayers on day 1!
Received more on day 2, but too lazy to take a photo of it! Haha!

The polaroid that was taken at the end of the day with Yumeh's camera!!
With Akairi, Yumi, Mato and Shera! <3 

A short story after we were preparing to leave the venue to have our dinner...
*walks past someone who looks like a Will Graham cosplayer*

Me on the inside : OMFG IS THAT WILL GRAHAM, THOSE CLOTHES. OMFG. THAT HAIR ( WIG ) OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*runs back to pinny who is behind me * 
-insert gibberish- -suddenly Hannibal Lecter appears-
-takes photo with amazing hannibal cosplayers*
*spazz* *exchange coscards* 
.......and then today my sister told me the Will Graham cosplayer is her friend. 8''D

I went to sleepover at Namiko's house at the end of the day, simply because my mom went overseas and i was too scared to sleep alone!! :( 
Helped her cut her coscards...but gave up halfway and went to use her Computer LOL

A day to study at cosfest with Alice ( Im sure it's not gonna progress well) but we went ahead anyway.
And i ended up motivating her to study! ( well i guess this is productive too! ) 
Alice gave me her Artist namecard and this is what she drew on the back along with the appreciation message she wrote! Little Kougyoku with Judal! //// I love this pairing!! thank you Alice! <3 

Honestly this was really tempting me. I had to ask Alice and the rest whether i should get it for over 3 times before i decide to get all 3 of them LOL 

Temptation : LOL NOPE. 
But i was still pretty much contented after buying //// 
You should know who my favorite characters are already!! XDDD

I didn't get to take photos on the first day because i didn't feel like it hahahah..all these were taken on the second day! I didn't have make up on so a little bit unglam T.T
On the left column, with Rei and Yui!! <3
On the right column, With Nisa, Reika and Yumi! <3
I love Yui's alibaba so much <3 <3 <3 YOU'RE SO CUTE GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!! //////////////////

On the way home! I guess yumi still has the energy to pose for the camera 8D 

with Akairi and cameo Kyokishi! HAHAHA

Lastly, what i saw on the artist board on Day 2.

Yes, someone please help Will Graham!
*definitely going to pay a visit to whoever who drew this Deviantart*

I admit that i half regretted not cosplaying on cosfest, but i was also kinda relieved that i didn't . 
When i told my teammate that i will not be able to join them, i had the feeling of a heavy weight that just got removed off my shoulder..Like..i didn't have to worry about cosfest anymore.
I felt that i didn't enjoy cosplay as much as i did in the past, which disappoints me a lot. 
I used to love cosplaying so much, but where did that passion go to? :/ 
I can name numerous reasons to it, but i guess it's probably because im having my O level year this year, and im just feeling a bit of withdrawal that's all..? 

I still love cosplaying as a whole but, i felt that i enjoy more seeing other people cosplaying, than when i cosplay myself. 
But again i'll feel rather left out from my social circle as well 8( 
Oh well i guess...i still had fun !

Though im really drained out during the course of this two days LOL 

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