Tuesday, 3 September 2013


annnnnnndddddd i am back!
Went to STGCC last Sunday, it was fun catching up with friends!!
I wasn't supposed to go..*exams on Monday lol* but I decided to YOLO and went to STGCC anyway because i really miss my friends a lot! ಥ_ಥ
Studied a little bit of Physics before I went as plain Jane without any make up on..my eyes look really tiny

With Mato, Yumi, Shera, Junko, Melisa, Jorine and Reika(Angeline)! <3

Didn't camwhore with a lot of people because I was feeling unglamorous on that day without any make up on LOL!

I was really *hyped* seeing Mato and Shera's Genderbent Shizuiza cos!! 
*blushblushblush* /My highlight of the day because I really love DRRR/

My initial plan was to meet Rei and study at STGCC *very conducive environment!!*
We ended my chit chatting at one corner ROFL
Studying plans at events don't work out from the start LOL 
But all the best to THE O LEVEL TEAM HAHAH

3 ghey girls camwhoring at the train station LOL 
Had dinner with Junko and Rei!! Thanks Junko for having dinner with us!! <3
Let's carry out our Kou Empire plan ASAP!! *after my o levels* <3 <3 

Fabulous walking dead made by my friend's friend (?) !!
The workmanship is really praisable!!

*such a short post LOL*
I don't think i'll be back soon until after O levels!! 8D 8D 8D
Looking forward to AFA~~ 

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