Saturday, 22 June 2013

Im feeling kinda dead!

Yes, i've been feeling kinda dead for the whole of June 'holidays'..
It's not even /holiday/ because i have school lessons till the mid of June..and i have to go back to school on the last week of June!
I have no motivation to sew my costume for cosfest which is in 2 weeks!! 
 I also have no motivation to study for my exam which is a day after cosfest :(

I dont really know what to say anymore 8(
I'm feeling really stressed out and i lost my aim in life!

sometimes when i go out shopping alone in the town, i would ramble through the shops, roads, streets and suddenly i found myself at the library..or places i didn't plan on going but my legs carried me there anyway.
That feeling when you have no idea where to go, but you dont want to go home yet because there's nothing to do at home AND YOU HAVE TOTALLY NO IDEA WHAT TO DO IN LIFE and you start walking around the town aimlessly i dont even

----------------------------------sorry for my ramblings------------------------------

Anyway, to cut to the chase, I only had 2 shoots during the June holidays! 

Ib shoot was planned like 1 week before but my partner and I didn't really discuss about the details of the shoot until like..maybe 2 days before hahaha!
I guess it's because i was feeling REALLY DEAD and i didn't want to care about anything that i got myself involved in..

Since my mary costume was already made last yearfor STGCC so there's no WIP photos! LOL!

tried making Mary's frame for the shoot but it K.O-ED on me halfway through the shoot LOLOLOL
*prop making failure*

while prepping in the toilet! 
I dont really suit blonde..but i have no idea why i have so many blonde plans! DX
Mary was a character i really fell in love with after playing Ib, and I feel so much for her wanting to get out of the guertena world with Ib..she really wanted companies ;_; 
As much as i want her to leave the guertena world, i also want garry to escape too! DX
i really hope there's a ending in which the 3 of them can leave together!! ;_; 

With my really cute Ib! <3 <3
I tried to be mary!!!!! /fail 
My make up never seems to go right nowadays B/ 
I was wearing Dolly+ Blue contact lens but it's not really obvious..The red,brown and grey are really obvious but the blue sucks DX

let's do a comparison
^My mary during STGCC'12 HAHAHAHHAHA
..well i prefer my STGCC one to my recent shoot mary actually T~T

look at all these little ones. LOLOLOL
the odd one out is mine..the rest belongs to Ib!! XDDD

Our own impromptu studio LOLOLOLOL

Our shoot started at 630 and ended at 9pm ..i was surprised that i didnt have gastric pain despite skipping my dinner LOLOLOL 

thank you Derek for helping out with the shoot, Modnar for rushing to the shoot location straight after your work and being so friendly and comfortable to work with! <3


The second shoot was not really last minute planned but because it's a guy character that i've been in love with for a long time and never got the confidence to cos him so im /really/ nervous
Im not really satisfied with my face..that being said so no photos!! HAHAHAH

Work in progress...I havent been sewing in a long time and i think my skills are already rusty .. TnT

okay, i made a really stupid mistake
i wanted to make a belt so i bought eyelets from daiso but i forgot to buy the eyelet hole punch 
In the end i had to use a normal hole you can see, the position of the hole is really weird!

w/ Akairi! 
I feel really apologetic that you have to endure all my nonsense, im really sorry! 
Thank you for helping out+helping me with the pouch, lending me the belt and shoes even though i broke it OTL! i cant emphasize how thankful i am to you and i will really try all my best to make it up to you! Thank you Pin!! I appreciate you so much asdfghjkl. Also, thank you Rick for coming down to shoot! >w< You guys are really awesome!! 

I know i didn't do justice to him, but i'll try better next time.. (?) 
omg hahahahaha i dont think there'll ever be a next time because i dont have any confidence anymore after this asdfghjkl yet i feel that i could do better! 
Lord do grant me a bishie face please *maybe next life* 

 i forgot to mention that halfway through the shoot,  i walked past civilians in cos and it was super awkward. ( NO, I DONT BLEND INTO THE CROWD ), I MEAN WHO THE HELL WEARS RED CONTACT LENS, WITH ^ THAT MAKE UP, DRESSED UP LIKE A DAMN HIPSTER ( not sure if it's the right word HAHA ) AND WALK ON THE ROADS WHERE /OFFICE/ PEOPLE WORKS. 
Super awkward, really. 

anyway..books that i indulged myself in during this holiday.. ( these are my happiness they cheer me up and i cant sleep at night after reading ) 
THEY'RE REALLY GREAT, READ IT IF YOU HAVENT ( if you like serial killers novels ) HAHAHAHAH

...i wrote this post at 1pm+ and finally got it published at 10pm because i procrastinate while writing this post. ha.ha..ha.

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