Monday, 17 March 2014

Tokyo Trip : Shinjuku and Ikebukuro

Sorry for the long hiatus!! I've been really lazy and demotivated to cosplay after my exams and all, so i went on a hiatus for a few months, and then went on a trip to Tokyo! Woohoo!
Just came back from Tokyo yesterday, i really love it there!!! What really captivated me was the city lights, it's just so beautiful at night!! Though i can't really distinguish the difference between Tokyo and Orchard Road in Singapore during the day, aside from the more complicated streets in Tokyo LOLOLOL.



Shinjuku Station

View from hotel room in Shinjuku

One of the emptier streets in Shinjuku

Yamanote Shinjuku Station during one of its less severe peak hour. 

Oh yes by the way, they have this really great bakery shop at Shinjuku station!!!

 Bought their Ginza pudding! It was so-so i guess, but i love their custard cream puff more!!!!

THIS. IS. THEIR. CUSTARD CREAM PUFF. IT TASTE SO BLOODY FUCKING HEAVENLY I DON'T EVEN. and this only cost 120Yen. So blood cheap right!!!! and delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Street of Shinjuku

Narrow alley of Omoide Yokocho in Shinjuku

On the way back to hotel


And this place, IS HEAVEN FOR ALL FUJOSHIS!!!!
Alas, i didn't see any flying vending machines (PFFT)

Say hi to Ikebukuro!

Otome Road on a Saturday
There's hell loads of girls outside Lashinbang and K-books..LOL

Opposite Otome Road.

The roads where Celty drive around! Should be opposite/somewhere near Sunshine City if i remember correctly! 


Kit Kat Chocolatory spotted at Ikebukuro Seibu Basement! 
Bought a few packets of their Sakura Macha flavor!
Btw, they have Chilli flavor as well. What fuck. I didn't buy though rofl.


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