Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Tokyo Trip : Asakusa and Odaiba

Currently listening to Gatchaman Crowds's OST while typing out this post!!!
I love Gatchaman's OST!!! *___*


Raining on the day i visited Asakusa :(
First stop is sensoji-temple! 

 Walking through Nakamise-dori to get to Sensoji-temple. 

 Closer view of sensoji-temple. 
It's really crowded for a Thursday!
( But then it's a popular tourist destination so i guess it's crowded everyday haha )


View of Tokyo Skytree from Asakusa! :D


I feel like i've seen that weird building somewhere(not in japan) before but can't seem to recall when..

Took a cruise to Hinode Pier from Asakusa!  

Inside the cruise! 

 We reached the Hinode Pier!! :D

Our boat!

 The water looks dangerous on a rainy day haha. 
( Wait, is this the TOKYO BAYY??? ) 
Walking to Hinode Station! 

Took a train ride to Odaiba Station! :D

Life-size Gundam outside Diver City at Odaiba!!! 

Scrambled out of Diver City to take a picture of Gundam without an umbrella(the strong wind broke it noOooo) despite the chilling weather and the heavy rain!!

Walked from Diver City to Aqua City without a fucking umbrella( because the wind broke it )
The photos may not seem much but im seriously in a pinch!
Was blown off course by the strong wind several times but i have to manage a photo somehow because i must fulfil the duties of a brave tourist!! (WAHAHHAHA JKJK )
It's not something you get to experience in Singapore so must enjoy while it last LOL!!

The fake Statue of Liberty(lol) and the Rainbow bridge!!! 
Could have taken a better photo of the fake statue of liberty if not for the crazy weather and i wasn't able to get close to it sob ( Not so much of a brave tourist after all LOL )
The rainbow bridge is gorgeous IRL though, such a pity that my lousy camera wasn't able to capture its beauty!!

A closer-view! :D Lousy camera quality!! TT_TT

In the end, i wasn't able to explore much of Odaiba :( Blame the weather!!
But it's okay, i smell another on-coming Japan trip!! :)
Just need to work my ass off and save money so i'll be able to visit again hoho.

Oh btw, the meal i had at Diver City was crazy cheap.
only 500yen!! I don't know you guys but it's cheap to me!! ( PROBABLY BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS TOO FUCKING EXPENSIVE IN TOWN AREA SINGAPORE LOL ) 

 Chance upon this beautiful sight of Shimbashi on my way back "home" to Shinjuku!
It's crazily beautiful!!! I love the city lights!!! 
But sadly my camera wasn't able to capture it TAT. It was so much more magnificent in real life. 

I was hoping to save up for  my next trip which would be either Norway or Maldive ( Both is freaking expensive LOL ) but i guess..i'll go back to Tokyo again!! ( Definitely Kyoto too! ) 

I'll save the Maldive trip for my other half <3  ( JK ) ( JK ) ( PROBABLY ) ( BRB PACKING MY DAKIMAKURA ) 

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