Saturday, 6 April 2013


Had a shoot for Subarashii Hibi during march!
Thank you Emily, Judas and Zelmer for coming down to help! really thank you people!
Also vaxzone for shooting! <3

The shoot started with us being late..shoot was supposed to start at 430 but because we're late it got dragged back to sorry vax m(_ _)m forgive us. T_T

i also appreciate the car ride that i got from my dad. THANK YOU DAD
Your daughter cant stand taking public transport when she got her make up on..* too embarrassing *
more like im already used to going out with a naked face LOL

with my sister and big brother <3 8'D

/really like my make up on that day/
cause i've managed to draw on double eyelids 8'D 
though it's not perfect, but it's a start! i'll need to hone my double eyelid drawing skills! 
and have i mention before how much i love Ifairy dolly+ lens T_T
the color is really obvious!!

sadly it started pouring halfway through the shoot, had to take shelter somewhere with another group of really awkward LOL 
one of my favorite shot!
really love vax's photos!! thank you vax!! <3 

Had another durarara shoot way back in Feb/March too? ww
Kasuka/Shizuo shoot! ( Child ver ) hahaha
 i think it was really rushed as i only got my Pants/Shirt the day before the shoot..

Nevertheless it was fun! Thank you Judas for shooting and Shera for helping! 
I appreciate it! coming down to the east all the way from the west! Thank you people! T_T

fun laughters throughout the shoot (Y)
thank you mato's aunt for letting us to shoot in your house! 
and thank you aunty for your crab...T_T <3 

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