Saturday, 2 February 2013


hakuryuu shoot today!! thanks derek for inviting me into the group!!
i dont really suit hakuryuu..look so shag today T_T i hope i dont make anyone's eyes bleed OTL

halfway making the costume..
tbh i dont really like this costume..i didn't give my best for this cosplay OTL
i was really busy with school and everything was really rushed. i feel so bad T_T

didnt take a lot of in progress photos for this cos cause i forgot LOL 
^^ almost done! just need to paint the dragon on his costume 

anyway i really like this gold lace LOL!!
from chinatown actually, 80cent/yard!!

it was after i bought this that akairi told me that there's a lot more gold lace that are 10x more nicer at arab street T___T
..why didnt i explore arab street more!!! D8<<<

hakuryuu's wig! i styled this two days before the shoot..from a 70cm long wig haha
i dont look good with center parting so i tried going for fringe..since hakuryuu does have fringe in some part of the photos T___T but in the end im like " WITHOUT FRINGE BETTERR LEHH " 

the crown!! XDD haven't spray yet haha more IN PROGRESS photos already TAT wish i've taken more!!

cant decide whether to have fringe or not..i dont look glam in center parting and i thought of having some fringe cause hakuryuu has fringe in some part of the manga ...anyway i think i still look better in center parting for hakuryuu in the end..OTL 

my awesome team mates 8') + helper mato!! XDDD

i dont look man enough!!! D8<<<< 
had camwhores with photographers too but i look too ugly so decided not to put up instead OTL

trying out alibaba's sunglasses LOL 
i look so swag!! hahah!
can you spot aladdin and morgiana ?? 8DDD

photo bomber spotted lol!!!
*ps my crown is in the way HAHAHAHAHAH omgggg* 

sorry i look cui everywhere..hakuryuu fans dont kill meeeeee ;_____;

during dinner lol!!!

during dinner!!!! HHHAHAHAA


OTL uh im not really satisfied with my hakuryuu Q_Q
1. i dont like how shag my costume looks, i really fail T_T
2. my contact lens for hakuryuu didn't come on time.. so i have to use dark blue lens T__T
3. i dont really suit hakuryuu..OTL
4. didn't have the time to make the spear, so i had to lend from derek T__T so busy with school!!!

i will definitely remake my costume and re-shoot hakuryuu after my o levels T_T sob

took some photos for melissa with my lousy camera..8'D <3

she makes such a good morgiana!!! >///w///< 

well today's shoot is i guess 8'D
high tide at sentosa so i went down to the water and have some shots.
thank you xeno!! ><

was really feeling quite down at the start of the day because the spear of his weapon keep dropping T__T 
didn't get to shoot with the rest for around 30 minutes because mato and i keep trying to salvage the spear LOL 
it's okay xeno's tape saved us in the end, though the spear is like still slanted in some shots tho. LOL!!

so ummm .

...i shall end this post now.. T_T
will be really busy with o levels this year so i wont be able to cos as much anymore!!

however my love for magi still lives on!!!

what is having post-photoshoot sickness right now LOL!
so tired today..didn't get to sleep well recently ..i shall sleep early today sob 


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