Monday, 31 December 2012

Magnoshutatt Shoot!!!!!

Titus Alexius!!!!!!
This costume has so many parts @__@
really so bad for my health LOL


cutting cloth~

i love the pants so much plz, but i hate sewing the elastic waistband ..
in the end my mom had to help me do it LOL OTL 
all these was done the day before the shoot....

altered the outer black robes as it's a little bit too big around the waist area..and the circle skirt waist length is too short to sew onto the top omg 
mom added a zip at the side and sew darts but in the end the area around the waist is too small for my head to fit in...Orz  sob
attached another piece of cloth to the circle skirt to make it longer in the end haha

titus's wand!!
was actually thinking whether i should spray it gold/silver or bronze/gold as there isn't an official color art on it .. but i decide to keep it gold/silver instead haha! 

cutting his wig!
yep, ordered another basic 60cm wig from tennights again !
ohhh tennights i love your wigs so much~ <3 
at first i thought that the color was a little bit too light, but in the end it turned out okay in the photos! 
anyway..tennights's 60cm wigs is always 70++ cm instead LOL 

making his earring~ 
bought the clip on from chinatown and white pearl beads from arab ~
painted the white pearl beads with purple nail polish  LOL!

second attempt making boots cover... glad it turns out well ( barely ) 

everything was kinda rushed HAHAHHA except for magnoshutatt uniform 

i have no idea what im writing but akairi said it's something about travelling..(THANK GOD) 
( copied everything from a photo i found on google HAHA ) 
hope it's nothing offensive! 
yeah...for prop!! HAHA
but you know it's kinda fun writing Arabic language HAHAHA 

on the day itself...just rush..and rush..completed his private clothes last minute orz
supposed to start shoot at 430 but we dragged till 5+ HAHAHA

because sphintus says that she couldn't make it last minute so it's okay the two of us B'( 
my dream shoot of the magnoshutatt trio GONE. 
it was pretty disappointing haha
it's okay, we'll do another magnoshutatt shoot sometime soon.. 

thank you akairi, kyokishi, derek, yui and nut for coming down to help!!!
and thank you xeno for shooting! <3 
<< with mel as aladdin!! <3 
i love the gem on her big!!!

one of the pic from the shoot!!!!

ended the shoot at around 8++ ... was pretty late actually uh HAHA
thank you Yui for helping us to the end even though you have a curfew!!! >_<
and thank you for your make up wipe!! sob 

last camwhore after changing out...hahahahahaha
really love my make up ! ( and finally got to use my dollywink lashes ) 
my eyes much bigger than usual


today is the last day of the year!!!

around 14 characters in total! ( i missed out my GC tsugumi haha ) 

thank you everyone for making this year such an enjoyable year for me. 
im more active this year in cosplay ahhaha
really had fun with all my teammates esp DRRR/MAGI! my two fav fandom!! <3 
really wish to cos more magi next year but not able to due to O levels.. OTL 

looking forward to cos Hakuryuu with magi teammates next year jan tho! 
Mel, Derek and Jorine!! <3 

so yep, this end the year 2012!!!
cant really cos a lot next year as i will be taking O levels.....

okay, happy new year to the Australians!
it's still 9:11pm here in sg HAHAHAH 
SO BYE. LAST BLOG POST OF 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!



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