Thursday, 15 November 2012



there's too much stuff going on on Day 1...a bit lazy to write HAHA
but yep! thank you people whom i met on that day! it's fun meeting you!

Gave out all my namecards on Day 1 OTL.. thought it'll be enough.. sigh

all i can say is...yuukiko, yumi and namiko, you all did a good job! SO DONT BE DEPRESSED hdshfas
and Also Sora...your legs..are you okay HAHAHAH


thank you Mato and Sora for being my awesome teammates!
Even though my costume on Sun is very uncomfortable...well i had fun! HAHA
not used to wearing bare-shoulders costume B'(
ahhh sora your hibiya so shuai ~ Mato so cute~ my dear sister~ <3 

Yes and thank you to all the friends i met on AFA for making this event a enjoyable one for me!
let's meet up on EOY/L2P! haha! 

had more camwhores with other people but too bad it's all blurry T_T

and also! all the loots from AFA |D
please be jealous

please..all the money i spent on it ... 49SGD? my wallet is crying
oh but the coscards are given HAHAHAH |D
so happy...but my namecard album is full!! went to get a new one from Daiso OTL.. 

that's all for AFA ba. i'll update after EOY/L2P! definitely cosing!!! Maybe Kougyoku? ;; 

ahh, and also very tempted to post this up!! ;_; 

Left photo by Itismoi!! [dA]
Right photo by Zelmer [dA] !! Mairu CN : MATO

a full view of my Kururi costume ;_; im so proud of this costume tbh 
so i need to post it up!! HAHAA
all taken during events!! feel like doing a shoot for both cos ;-; that will wait OTL 

also, thank you Itismoi for agreeing to do a shoot for me!! >//<
really love his photos AHHHHH <33 

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